Free Fishing Days

Discover the free fishing days in 2024 for every state in the USA. Plan your fishing adventures with our comprehensive guide to the dates when you can fish without a license in each state, from Alabama to Wyoming. Find out the specific free fishing weekends and holidays in your state and get ready to enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends. Check the regulations and get helpful tips to make the most of the annual free fishing opportunities across the country.

State 2024 Free Fishing Days
Alabama 2nd Saturday in June (June 8)
Alaska Youth under 16 and seniors over 60 fish free year-round
Arizona June 1
Arkansas June 7-9
California July 6 and August 31
Colorado June 1-2
Connecticut May 11, June 16, August 10
Delaware Dates TBA
Florida April 6-7, June 8-9 (freshwater); June 1-2, Sept 7, Nov 30 (saltwater)
Georgia June 1, June 8, September 28
Hawaii Year-round (marine)
Idaho June 8
Illinois June 14-17
Indiana May 12, June 1-2, September 28
Iowa June 7-9
Kansas June 1-2
Kentucky Dates TBA
Louisiana June 8-9
Maine February 17-18, June 1-2
Maryland June 1, June 8, July 4
Massachusetts June 1-2
Michigan February 17-18, June 8-9
Minnesota Fish free in most state parks year-round
Mississippi June 1-2
Missouri June 8-9
Montana June 15-16 (Father’s Day weekend)
Nebraska Dates TBA
Nevada June 8
New Hampshire January 20, June 1
New Jersey June 1, October 19
New Mexico Dates TBA
New York Feb 17-18, Jun 29-30, Sep 28, Nov 11
North Carolina July 4
North Dakota Dates TBA
Ohio June 15-16
Oklahoma June 1-2 (paddlefish permit required)
Oregon February 17-18, June 1-2, November 29-30
Pennsylvania May 26, July 4
Rhode Island Dates TBA
South Carolina May 27, July 4 (freshwater only)
South Dakota May 17-19
Tennessee June 8
Texas June 1, 2024
Utah June 8
Vermont June 8
Virginia June 7-9
Washington June 8-9
West Virginia June 8-9
Wisconsin January 20, June 1-2
Wyoming June 1
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A free fishing day is a designated day when anyone can fish without needing to purchase a fishing license. These days are designed to encourage people to try fishing and enjoy the outdoors. However, all other fishing regulations, such as size and bag limits, still apply.

The number of free fishing days varies by state. Most states offer 1-2 free fishing weekends, often around National Fishing and Boating Week in June. Some states like New York and California have up to 6 free fishing days spread throughout the year in 2024.

No, you do not need a fishing license to fish on a state’s designated free fishing day. This applies to both residents and non-residents. It’s a great opportunity to try fishing without the commitment of purchasing a license. Remember to check the specific dates for your state.

California has set their free fishing days for Saturday, July 6 and Saturday, August 31 in 2024. On these two Saturdays, anyone can fish without a sport fishing license. All other regulations like bag limits, gear restrictions, and stream closures still apply.

Free fishing days waive the license requirement for freshwater fishing in that state, so you can fish in any public body of water that is open to fishing. This includes lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds. However, some states exclude certain premium fishing areas or activities like salmon fishing.

Many states offer free fishing clinics and derbies on their free fishing days or weekends. These are great opportunities to learn fishing skills, get familiar with equipment and regulations, and enjoy the community aspect of fishing. Check with your state’s fish and wildlife department for free fishing events near you.

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