Maine Fishing License

Everything you need to know about obtaining the proper licenses and permits for recreational fishing in Maine’s abundant waters. From freshwater lakes and rivers to the scenic coastline, this section provides up-to-date information on license types, fees, and regulations. Explore guides on resident and non-resident licenses, combination hunting/fishing licenses, and special permits like saltwater registrations. Stay informed about free fishing days, license exceptions, and online purchasing options. Whether you’re a lifelong angler or new to the sport, this category ensures you have the necessary credentials to legally and responsibly enjoy Maine’s world-class fishing opportunities.

Maine Fishing

How Much Is a Fishing License in Maine?

In the state of Maine, a fishing license is required by law for anyone 16 years of age or older to fish in inland waters or transport fish taken from inland waters. Licenses must be purchased prior to fishing and

Maine Fishing

How to Get a Maine Fishing License?

As I sit here on the weathered dock, gazing out at the glassy surface of the lake, I can’t help but think back on over 40 years of fishing these bountiful Maine waters. I still remember the thrill of that


In Maine, anyone 16 years of age or older needs a valid fishing license to fish in inland waters or transport fish taken from inland waters. Youth under 16 can fish without a license. Some exceptions apply for complimentary licenses for certain groups like disabled veterans.

The cost of a Maine fishing license varies based on residency and license type:

  • Resident season fishing (16+): $25
  • Non-resident season fishing (16+): $64
  • Non-resident 15-day fishing: $47
  • Non-resident 7-day fishing: $43
  • Non-resident 3-day fishing: $23
  • Non-resident 1-day fishing: $11

Combination licenses and lifetime licenses are also available at different price points.

You can conveniently purchase a Maine fishing license online through the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife website. Licenses are also sold in person through many local vendors like sporting goods stores, town clerks offices, convenience stores, and turnpike service centers across the state.

If you are saltwater fishing in Maine on a for-hire charter boat, you do not need an individual fishing license. For private recreational saltwater fishing, Maine requires individuals to register annually with the state’s saltwater registry, unless you already hold a freshwater fishing license or are exempt based on age.

Yes, Maine offers free fishing days each year in February and June, during which anyone can fish without a license, except those whose license is suspended or revoked. Certain groups may also qualify for complimentary licenses, including disabled veterans, Maine Indians, and individuals with disabilities.

With a Maine fishing license, you can catch a wide variety of freshwater fish species including trout, landlocked salmon, bass, perch, pickerel and more. You can also fish for popular saltwater species along the coast like striped bass, bluefish, mackerel and cod. Be sure to follow all regulations, seasons and bag limits for each species.

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