Lifetime Fishing License

Explore the benefits and costs of obtaining a lifetime fishing license across different U.S. states. Find detailed information on eligibility requirements, fees, and privileges included with these long-term permits that allow you to fish for life without annual renewals.

Florida Non Resident Saltwater Fishing Licenses

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California lifetime fishing license

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The cost of a lifetime fishing license in California depends on your age:

  • Ages 0-9: $579.25
  • Ages 10-39: $946.75
  • Ages 40-61: $853.00
  • Ages 62+: $579.25

The license provides fishing privileges for your lifetime, regardless of any future fee increases. Additional validations like a second rod or ocean enhancement require separate purchase.

Some key benefits of a lifetime fishing license include:

  • Significant cost savings over buying annual licenses for many years
  • Convenience of not having to renew your license each year
  • Supporting conservation efforts, as license fees fund wildlife and habitat protection
  • Lifetime licenses are still valid even if you move out of state later on

In most cases, you will still need to obtain additional permits, validations or stamps for certain activities:

  • Hunting privileges are not included with a lifetime fishing license
  • Tags for species like deer, bear, elk etc. must be applied for separately
  • Stamps for activities like ocean fishing, salmon fishing, or collecting lobster
  • Federal duck stamps for hunting migratory waterfowl

Check your state’s requirements as they vary. California, for example, offers additional lifetime privilege packages for items like a second rod validation and ocean enhancement validation.

Yes, your California lifetime fishing license remains valid even if you become a resident of another state later on. You can continue to fish in California waters with your lifetime license without having to purchase non-resident licenses or permits. However, if you want to fish in your new state of residence, you would need to obtain the appropriate licenses there.

No, lifetime fishing licenses are non-transferable. They are valid only for the person whose name appears on the license. You cannot sell it, give it away, or bequeath it to someone else. If purchasing for a child, the license will remain in that child’s name forever.

If your lifetime license is lost or stolen, you can obtain a duplicate license for a small fee, usually around $10-15. Contact your state’s wildlife agency for instructions on requesting a replacement. You will likely need to provide your name, date of birth, ID number and other details to verify your identity before a new license can be issued. Always keep your license number recorded separately in case you misplace the physical copy.
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