South Dakota Fishing License

Explore the best fishing spots and regulations in South Dakota. This category covers everything you need to know about obtaining a South Dakota fishing license, understanding the rules and limits, and finding prime locations to cast your line. Get tips for catching popular fish species like walleye, trout, bass and more across the state’s lakes, rivers and streams.

South Dakota Fishing Regulations

South Dakota Fishing Regulations in 2024

Comprehensive guide to South Dakota fishing regulations for 2024, including license requirements, limits, special rules, legal methods, and invasive species prevention. Stay informed and fish responsibly with this definitive resource.

Fishing License in South Dakota

How Much is a Fishing License in South Dakota?

Fishing is one of the most beloved outdoor activities in South Dakota, with nearly 98% of the state’s waters being publicly accessible for anglers to enjoy. But before you cast your line, it’s crucial to understand South Dakota’s fishing license


Residents and nonresidents age 16 and older must have a valid South Dakota fishing license to fish in the state’s waters. Youth under age 16 can fish without a license.

Yes, you can conveniently purchase your South Dakota fishing license online through the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks website. You can also buy licenses at authorized local retailers across the state.

In addition to a regular fishing license, South Dakota residents need separate tags for certain fishing methods like using hoop nets or setlines. Be sure to check the regulations for your specific fishing plans.

South Dakota offers discounted annual fishing licenses for residents age 65 and older. Free fishing days are also typically offered once per year, allowing residents and nonresidents to fish without a license for one weekend.

Fishing regulations and licensing requirements may vary on tribal lands in South Dakota. It’s best to check with the specific tribe for the most up-to-date information on fishing access and any permits needed.

Annual fishing licenses for both residents and nonresidents are valid from December 15 to January 31 of the following year. Temporary nonresident licenses are also available in 1-day and 3-day increments.

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