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Explore the comprehensive guide to obtaining a North Carolina fishing license. Find detailed information on license types, fees, requirements, and regulations for recreational fishing in coastal, inland, and joint waters across the state. Stay updated on license changes, free fishing days, and get expert tips for an enjoyable angling experience in North Carolina‘s diverse waterways.

Fishing License in NC

How Much Is a Fishing License in NC

Fishing is an iconic pastime deeply woven into the fabric of North Carolina’s culture and natural landscapes. From the tranquil mountain streams of the Appalachians to the teeming coastal waters of the Outer Banks, anglers of all ages and skill

North Carolina fishing

North Carolina Angler’s Guide to Lifetime Licenses

As a grizzled North Carolina fisherman with over 30 years of salt and freshwater experience under my hip waders, I’ve come to value the lifetime fishing licenses offered in our state. These long-term investments have helped sustain quality fisheries through

How to Get a North Carolina Fishing License

As an avid angler and outdoor writer with over 10 years of experience fishing the waters of North Carolina, I’m happy to provide this guide on obtaining a fishing license in the state. Whether you’re a resident looking to legally fish your


North Carolina offers several types of fishing licenses, including short-term (10-day), annual, and lifetime licenses for both inland and coastal recreational fishing. Combination hunting and fishing licenses are also available.

License costs vary based on residency, duration, and type. For example, an annual resident inland fishing license costs $25, while a non-resident coastal recreational fishing 10-day license costs $11. Lifetime license fees are higher but provide long-term savings for avid anglers.

You can buy a North Carolina fishing license online, by phone (888-248-6834), at any authorized Wildlife Service Agent (such as tackle shops or sporting goods stores), or in person at the Wildlife Resources Commission office in Raleigh.

All anglers 16 years and older must have a valid fishing license to fish in North Carolina’s public waters, including inland, joint, and coastal waters. Some exceptions apply, such as private ponds or individuals fishing on licensed charter boats.

Yes, North Carolina offers free or discounted licenses for certain groups, such as disabled veterans, legally blind individuals, and residents receiving Medicaid, Food Stamps, or Work First Family Assistance. Proof of eligibility is required.

If you lose your fishing license, you can request a replacement by submitting a completed application form and paying a small administrative fee ($1 for lifetime licenses, $7 for all others). Replacement licenses can be obtained online, by mail, or at a Wildlife Service Agent.

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