Alabama Fishing License

Welcome to our Alabama Fishing License beginner’s guide! Here you’ll find helpful information to get started fishing legally and responsibly in Alabama. Learn about license costs, exemptions, regulations, and how to purchase your license online or from local vendors. We want every new angler to feel informed, confident, and excited to experience Alabama’s amazing freshwater and saltwater fisheries.

Alabama Fishing License Fees

Resident Licenses

License TypeFee
Annual Freshwater Fishing$15.05
Annual Saltwater Fishing$28.50
Annual Freshwater/Saltwater Combination$54.65
Wildlife Heritage (bank/lake fishing)$12.40
7-Day Saltwater Trip$11.80
Lifetime Freshwater Fishing (under 2 yrs)$400
Lifetime Freshwater Fishing (2-11 yrs)$500
Lifetime Freshwater Fishing (12-49 yrs)$600
Lifetime Freshwater Fishing (50+ yrs)$400

Non-Resident Licenses

License TypeFee
Annual Freshwater Fishing$62.60
7-Day Freshwater Trip$35.00
Annual Saltwater Fishing$61.35
7-Day Saltwater Trip$33.75
Annual Freshwater/Saltwater Combination$133.95
3-Day Family Freshwater Trip (up to 4 people)$35.00

Non-Resident Freshwater Fishing Licenses in Alabama

License TypeFeeDetails
Annual Freshwater$62.60Allows fishing in public freshwaters for 1 year
7-Day Trip Freshwater$35.00Valid for 7 consecutive days of freshwater fishing
3-Day Family Freshwater Trip$35.00Allows a non-resident to fish with up to 4 immediate family members for 3 days
Annual Public Fishing Lakes$15.00Valid only at state-owned public fishing lakes
Reciprocal PricingVariesResidents of FL, GA, LA, MS, TN may have different fees due to reciprocal pricing agreements

How to Purchase

Fishing licenses can be purchased:

  • Online at
  • By phone
  • At retailers like sporting goods stores, marinas, and county courthouses
  • By mail with an application

All licenses expire on August 31 each year. Residency is determined by your driver's license or non-driver ID card issued in Alabama.

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Free Fishing Days

Alabama has a few days each year designated as "Free Fishing Days" when residents and non-residents can fish in public waters without a license. The next Free Fishing Days are June 8-16, 2024.


It's important to follow Alabama's fishing regulations on creel limits, size limits, approved baits and lures, and other rules that vary based on the species and location. Regulations can be found on the ADCNR website and regulation booklets.

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By purchasing a fishing license, a portion of the fees goes towards conservation efforts to protect Alabama's aquatic resources. Fishing licenses help ensure sustainable fisheries for future generations.

Do I need a fishing license to fish in Alabama?

Yes, Alabama residents and non-residents age 16 and older are required to have an appropriate recreational fishing license to fish in Alabama's public waters. Some exceptions apply, such as residents 65 and older or residents fishing in their county of residence using a hook and line.

What types of fishing licenses are available in Alabama?

Alabama offers various types of fishing licenses, including annual freshwater and saltwater licenses, trip licenses (valid for 7 consecutive days), pier licenses, spearfishing licenses, and lifetime licenses. The appropriate license depends on factors like residency status, age, fishing location, and duration.

How much does an Alabama fishing license cost?

The cost of an Alabama fishing license varies based on the type of license and residency status. For example, as of 2023, an annual freshwater fishing license costs $15.05 for residents and $54.80 for non-residents. A 7-day trip saltwater license costs $11.80 for residents and $33.75 for non-residents.

Where can I purchase an Alabama fishing license?

You can purchase an Alabama fishing license online through the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources website, by phone, or in person at various locations such as tackle shops, sporting goods stores, Walmart, county probate offices, and license commissioners' offices across the state.

Do I need a special license or permit to fish for specific species in Alabama?

In most cases, a standard freshwater or saltwater fishing license is sufficient. However, additional permits or endorsements may be required for certain species or activities. For example, a saltwater angler registration is required for Alabama residents 16 and older who are not required to purchase an annual saltwater license.

What happens if I fish without a valid Alabama fishing license?

Fishing without a valid license in Alabama is a Class B misdemeanor punishable by law. Violators may face fines, legal fees, and potential jail time. It is essential to obtain the appropriate fishing license before fishing in Alabama's public waters to avoid legal consequences and support conservation efforts.

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