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Explore the world of fishing in New Hampshire with our comprehensive guide. From license requirements and fees to season dates and regulations, we cover everything you need to know for a successful and legal fishing adventure in the Granite State‘s lakes, rivers, and coastal waters. Stay informed on freshwater and saltwater fishing rules, bag limits, and more.

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New Hampshire Fishing License: A Complete Guide for 2024

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New Hampshire offers various fishing licenses including annual resident and non-resident licenses, 1-day, 3-day and 7-day licenses for non-residents, and special licenses for seniors, disabled individuals, and military personnel.

License costs vary based on residency, age, and duration. For example, an annual resident fishing license is $45, while a 1-day non-resident license is $15. Senior resident licenses for those 68+ are discounted at $7.

Fishing licenses can be conveniently purchased online through the NH Fish and Game Department website, from authorized license agents across the state, or in-person at the Fish and Game headquarters in Concord.

A fishing license is required for anglers 16 years and older. Those under 16 do not need a license. Senior discounted licenses are available for residents 68 years and older.

To obtain a resident license, you must present a valid New Hampshire driver’s license or non-driver ID issued by the NH DMV. If under 18, a parent or guardian must prove residency.

If you lose your license, you can get a free reprint from the original issuing agent or the Fish and Game office in Concord. If purchased online, reprints are available a week after purchase, with some limitations on the number of reprints allowed.

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