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The Montana Fishing License category covers all the essential information anglers need to legally fish in Montana’s world-class waters. Find details on license types, costs, and requirements for residents and non-residents. Get answers to common questions about where to purchase licenses, youth and senior exemptions, and more. Stay up-to-date on any regulation changes affecting fishing licenses in the state.

Montana's Waters with a 1 Day Fishing License

Discover Montana’s Waters with a 1-Day Fishing License

Quick Overview To obtain a 1-day Montana fishing license, follow these simple steps: Why Choose a 1-Day License? Montana’s 1-day fishing license offers the perfect solution for anglers looking to experience the state’s world-class fishing without committing to a full

How to Get a Montana Fishing License: The Complete Guide

As home to pristine rivers, lakes, and streams that offer world-class fly fishing, Montana requires anglers ages 12 and up to have a valid fishing license before casting a line in public waters. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need


Yes, anyone 12 years or older needs a valid Montana fishing license to fish in the state‘s waters. This includes residents and non-residents. Youth under 12 do not need a license but must follow all fishing regulations.

Montana offers fishing licenses for varying durations:

  • Season licenses (valid March 1 – Feb 28)
  • 2-day licenses
  • 10-day licenses
    Residents and non-residents have different license options and fees. Most anglers also need a Conservation License and Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Pass (AISPP) in addition to their fishing license.

License fees vary based on residency and duration. For example:

  • Resident season license: $21
  • Non-resident season license: $100
  • Resident 2-day license: $5
  • Non-resident 1-day license: $14
    Conservation License ($8 resident, $10 non-resident) and AISPP ($2 resident, $7.50 non-resident) have additional fees. Youth, disabled, and senior discounts are available.

You can buy a Montana fishing license:

  • Online through the FWP website
  • At FWP offices throughout the state
  • From authorized license providers like sporting goods stores
    If purchasing online, you can print the license or display it electronically. If buying in person, you’ll receive a physical copy.

To qualify for resident license fees, you must have physically resided in Montana for at least 180 consecutive days immediately prior to purchasing the license. You also need to:

  • Register your vehicles in Montana
  • Be registered to vote in Montana
  • Not possess resident hunting/fishing privileges in another state
  • File Montana income taxes as a resident

Montana has statewide standard fishing regulations on seasons, limits, legal fishing methods, etc. that apply to all waters. The state is divided into Western, Central and Eastern Fishing Districts that each have their own District Standard Regulations as well.

Some major rivers and species like bull trout have special regulations and permits, so always check the current Montana Fishing Regulations guidebook for the specific waters you plan to fish. Regulations can change annually.

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