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The Michigan Fishing License category covers everything you need to legally and responsibly enjoy fishing in Michigan‘s abundant freshwaters. Stay up-to-date on license requirements and fees, regulations for seasons, limits, and methods, and tips for accessing top fishing spots across the state. As a leading fishing destination, understanding Michigan fishing licenses ensures you make the most of world-class Great Lakes, inland lakes, and rivers.

Fishing License Cost in Michigan

How Much Does a Fishing License Cost in Michigan?

Whether you’re a lifelong resident or a visitor seeking to experience the thrill of Michigan’s world-class fishing, this comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge to navigate the licensing process seamlessly. We’ll cover everything from the fees associated with

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How to Get a Michigan Fishing License: A Complete Guide

Fishing is a beloved pastime in Michigan, with the state’s 11,000 inland lakes, 36,000 miles of rivers and streams, and access to four of the five Great Lakes offering world-class angling opportunities. However, before you can wet a line, it’s

Michigan's Free Fishing Weekend

Michigan’s Free Fishing Weekend 2024: All You Need to Know

Attention all fishing enthusiasts! Get ready for an exciting opportunity to explore Michigan’s abundant waters without needing a fishing license during the state’s Free Fishing Weekend 2024. This annual event, organized by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR), is


Yes, if you are 17 years of age or older, you must purchase a fishing license to fish in Michigan. If you are under 17, you may fish without a license, but you must follow all fishing rules and regulations. Any adult actively assisting a minor who does not have a license must have their own fishing license.

The cost of a Michigan fishing license varies based on residency and license type:

  • Annual all-species resident license: $26
  • Annual all-species non-resident license: $76
  • Annual all-species senior resident license (65+ or legally blind): $11
  • 24-hour all-species resident/non-resident license: $10
  • Annual youth voluntary license (under 17): $2

You can purchase a Michigan fishing license online through the Michigan DNR website, or in-person at a DNR customer service center or licensed agent, such as many sporting goods stores, bait shops, and Walmart locations. Be sure to have proof of residency when purchasing a license.

A Michigan all-species fishing license allows you to fish for all species of fish, including popular game fish like trout, salmon, walleye, bass, and panfish. You can fish in both the Great Lakes and inland waters across the state. Be sure to check the current Michigan Fishing Guide for specific regulations on seasons, size limits, and bag limits for each species.

No, your Michigan all-species fishing license is valid for fishing in both the Great Lakes and inland waters within the state. However, be aware of boundary waters with neighboring states and Canada, as you may need additional licenses to fish in those jurisdictions.

Yes, the Michigan DNR offers two Free Fishing Weekends each year, typically in February and June, where residents and non-residents can fish without a license. These weekends provide a great opportunity to try fishing or introduce someone new to the sport. All other fishing regulations still apply during these free fishing days.

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