How to Get Your Kentucky Fishing License in 2024

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable fishing adventure in the Bluegrass State? Before you cast your line, make sure you have the proper fishing license for 2024. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about obtaining your Kentucky fishing license, from license types and fees to requirements and expert tips.

Understanding Kentucky Fishing License Requirements

In Kentucky, anyone aged 16 or older is required to have a valid fishing license when angling in public waters. This regulation applies to both residents and non-residents, ensuring the sustainable management and conservation of the state’s aquatic resources.

Who Needs a Kentucky Fishing License?

  • Residents aged 16 and above
  • Non-residents aged 16 and above


  • Resident landowners fishing on their own property
  • Children under 16 years old (when accompanied by a licensed adult)
  • Military personnel on leave

Types of Kentucky Fishing Licenses

Kentucky offers various fishing license options to cater to different needs and preferences. Here’s a breakdown of the available licenses and their fees for the 2024 season:

Resident Licenses:

  • Annual Fishing License: $23
  • Joint/Spouse Annual Fishing License: $42
  • 1-Day Fishing License: $7
  • 3-Year Fishing License (online only): $55
  • Senior/Disabled Sportsman’s License: $12 (includes hunting and fishing licenses, plus permits for trout, deer, turkey, migratory birds, and waterfowl)

Non-Resident Licenses:

  • Annual Fishing License: $55
  • 1-Day Fishing License: $15
  • 7-Day Fishing License: $35

Additional Permits:

  • Trout Permit (required for trout fishing): $10 for residents and non-residents
License TypeResident FeeNon-Resident Fee
Annual Fishing$23$55
Joint/Spouse Annual Fishing$42Not available
1-Day Fishing$7$15
3-Year Fishing (online only)$55Not available
7-Day FishingNot available$35
Trout Permit$10$10
Senior/Disabled Sportsman’s License*$12Not available

How to Purchase Your Kentucky Fishing License

Obtaining your Kentucky fishing license is a straightforward process with multiple convenient options:

  1. Online: Visit the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources website ( and purchase your license through their secure online portal.
  2. In-Person: Visit one of the over 900 authorized license vendors across the state, including bait shops, sporting goods stores, and county clerk’s offices.
  3. By Phone: Call 1-800-858-1549 (24/7) and purchase your license over the phone.

No matter which method you choose, be sure to have your license or authorization number with you while fishing.

Expert Tips for a Successful Fishing Experience

  1. Familiarize Yourself with Regulations: In addition to having a valid license, it’s crucial to understand and follow Kentucky’s fishing regulations, including size and creel limits, seasonal restrictions, and designated areas. Consult the Kentucky Fishing and Boating Guide for the latest information.
  2. Respect the Environment: Practice catch-and-release whenever possible, and properly dispose of any fishing line or tackle to protect the natural habitats and wildlife.
  3. Plan Your Trip: Research your desired fishing spots, check for any special regulations or permits required, and pack the necessary gear and supplies for a successful and enjoyable outing.
  4. Consider a Guided Fishing Trip: If you’re new to fishing in Kentucky or want to explore new waters, consider booking a guided fishing trip with a local expert. They can provide valuable insights, techniques, and insider knowledge to enhance your experience.

By following these guidelines and obtaining the proper Kentucky fishing license for 2024, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on an unforgettable angling adventure in the Bluegrass State. Remember, responsible fishing practices not only ensure an enjoyable experience but also contribute to the preservation of Kentucky’s aquatic ecosystems for generations to come.

Stay tuned for more expert tips, fishing hot spots, and exclusive offers from – your ultimate resource for all things fishing in Kentucky and beyond.

What is the cost of a Kentucky fishing license for residents and non-residents?

The cost of an annual fishing license for Kentucky residents is $23, while non-residents pay $55. Kentucky also offers 1-day and 3-year fishing licenses at varying prices for both residents and non-residents.

Can I purchase a Kentucky fishing license online?

Yes, you can purchase all Kentucky hunting and fishing licenses and permits through the secure Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Online License Sales site. You can also buy licenses at various vendor locations throughout the state or by phone.

What is the duration of a Kentucky fishing license?

The Kentucky fishing license year runs from March 1 through February 28 (or 29) of the following year. You can purchase annual, 1-day, or multi-year licenses depending on your needs.

Are there any special fishing permits required in addition to the basic fishing license?

While the basic fishing license covers many species, additional permits may be required for certain activities such as trout fishing, migratory bird hunting, or pursuing game in specific wildlife management areas.

What are the available combination licenses for hunting and fishing in Kentucky?

Kentucky offers several combination licenses that include both hunting and fishing privileges. The Sportsman’s License includes a combination hunting/fishing license along with deer, turkey, migratory bird, and trout permits. Seniors and disabled individuals can purchase discounted combination licenses as well.

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