Kansas Lifetime Fishing Licenses: Your Complete 2024 Guide

Are you a passionate angler residing in Kansas? Discover how a Kansas lifetime fishing license can provide you with the ultimate convenience and cost savings. Our comprehensive 2024 guide covers everything you need to know, including eligibility, pricing, purchasing options, benefits, and frequently asked questions.

What is a Kansas Lifetime Fishing License?

A Kansas lifetime fishing license grants resident anglers the privilege to fish in the state’s public waters for their entire life without the need for annual renewals. It’s a one-time purchase that offers significant long-term savings and hassle-free fishing. With a lifetime license, you can focus on enjoying your favorite fishing spots and creating lasting memories with family and friends.

Key features of a Kansas lifetime fishing license:

  • Valid for the lifetime of the license holder, providing uninterrupted fishing privileges
  • Available only to Kansas residents aged 16-74, ensuring the benefits are exclusive to state residents
  • Covers fishing privileges in all public waters statewide, granting access to a wide variety of fishing opportunities
  • Supports conservation efforts and funds habitat improvements, contributing to the sustainability of Kansas fisheries

Eligibility Requirements for Kansas Residents

To qualify for a Kansas lifetime fishing license, you must meet the following residency criteria:

  1. Maintain permanent residence in Kansas for at least 1 year prior to application, demonstrating your commitment to the state
  2. Have domiciliary intent (plan to remain a Kansas resident), ensuring the license benefits are used by long-term residents
  3. Prove residency with a valid Kansas driver’s license or ID card, providing official documentation of your residency status

Note: Simply owning property in Kansas does not qualify you for residency if you primarily reside out-of-state. The lifetime fishing license is intended for individuals who make Kansas their primary home.

2024 Kansas Lifetime Fishing License Fees

As of 2024, the official prices for Kansas lifetime fishing licenses are:

License TypeTotal FeeQuarterly Payment Plan
Resident Lifetime Fishing License$502.50$69 x 8 payments
Resident Lifetime Combination Hunting & Fishing License$962.50$131.50 x 8 payments

The quarterly payment plan allows you to spread the cost over 2 years, making it more affordable to invest in a lifetime of fishing. A small finance charge is added to the total amount when opting for the payment plan.

How to Purchase Your Kansas Lifetime Fishing License

You can easily buy your lifetime fishing license through one of these convenient methods:

  1. Online via the KDWP licensing portal: The quickest and most convenient option, allowing you to purchase your license from the comfort of your home.
  2. Mail-in application to KDWP Licensing Section: Download the application form from the KDWP website, complete it, and mail it with payment to the provided address.
  3. In-person at KDWP regional offices or authorized license agents like Walmart: Visit a nearby location to purchase your lifetime license with the assistance of a representative.

For online purchases, simply create an account, select your desired license type, enter your personal details, and pay securely using a credit card. Print the confirmation receipt for immediate proof of purchase until your official license arrives by mail.

Benefits of Investing in a Kansas Lifetime License

Opting for a lifetime fishing license offers Kansas anglers numerous advantages:

  • No more yearly renewal hassles or expired licenses, saving you time and effort
  • Significant cost savings over time compared to annual licenses, providing long-term value for your investment
  • Flexibility to fish year-round without worrying about license validity, allowing you to take advantage of the best fishing opportunities
  • Direct contribution to funding Kansas fisheries and conservation, supporting the maintenance and improvement of fishing resources
  • Peace of mind with a single, lifetime purchase, eliminating the need to keep track of license expiration dates

A Kansas lifetime fishing license is a worthwhile investment for avid resident anglers who want maximum convenience and savings while enjoying the state’s diverse fishing opportunities.


A Kansas lifetime fishing license is the ultimate solution for resident anglers seeking convenience, cost savings, and a lifetime of fishing opportunities. By investing in a lifetime license, you can enjoy fishing Kansas waters for life without worrying about annual renewals or expired licenses. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity and secure your lifetime of Kansas fishing adventures today!

For more information on Kansas fishing licenses, regulations, and fishing opportunities, visit the official Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks website. Stay informed about any changes to licensing requirements and fees to ensure a smooth and enjoyable fishing experience in Kansas.

What is the minimum age requirement for a Kansas lifetime fishing license?

Kansas residents must be at least 16 years old to purchase a lifetime fishing license. There is no maximum age limit, making it accessible to anglers of all ages.

Can I get a refund on my lifetime fishing license?

No, Kansas lifetime fishing licenses are non-refundable and non-transferable. They are a final sale, so be sure to review the terms and conditions before making your purchase.

Do I still need a trout permit with a lifetime fishing license?

Yes, you must still purchase a trout permit to fish in designated trout waters, even with a lifetime license. The trout permit is a separate requirement and is not included in the lifetime fishing license.

Can I use my Kansas lifetime fishing license in other states?

No, a Kansas lifetime fishing license is only valid within the state of Kansas. You cannot use it for fishing privileges in other states. If you plan to fish in other states, you must obtain the appropriate licenses for those jurisdictions.

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